What Is Goat Simulator?

I clicked the pipe going into the thing. Okay! Oh I’m even greater than I thought I was. Okay, umm, is this is- this that Space X rocket…with a goat on top? So it’s Goat Stimulator. …okay? The rocket has to take off and land on the pad again. That’s what the Falcon rockets do Why won’t you do it then? What do I have to click on, the goat? Oh okay…What? Now click on the goat no not the cracking walkthrough! Okay I can’t click the rocket after the goat and I can’t click the goat after the rocket so what? What what do you want you want from me game? Is cracking Godzilla going to show up out of the fricken water? Show me a thing or two? Is there anything I can drag? *blows raspberry* I can’t do it! I don’t know what it is! Ohhhhh *laughing* here we go now we gonna stick the landing. Stick the landing. Nailed it! Nice! Elon Musk would be proud. Wait is that it? Aww man. 10 levels.

Aww that was fun. I want more- yeah I did do the others: Troll Face Quest sports, Quest 13 and Troll Tube Troll Tube was the last one wasn’t it? I think I remember doing that one. Awwww… Really good. The art in this one is outstanding. Like, to see where its progressed from, all the colors and all the details and all the environments really really well done, I really liked this one. A lot simpler but some of them were bullmeat- wait, what was the one I got stuck on? This one. That was bullmeat. Like, to have to hit box around characters that big and then being able to, like, click on any part of it and have you fail but having to click in his pants and drag it down? That was assetry. Then again it is a Trollface thing. I like the little twitter icons as well…really good. I like these games for a simplistic as the are. Like, there’s not a whole lot too them you’re just clicking stuff and then finishing levels. But really really good I’m glad there’s more than I hope they make more to come. This, the Henry Stickman series what’s the other one that I always play? Oh the Whack! “Whack Your” games. I just love that these guys keep making more of them and with the Henry Stickman ones I met the developer of that twice! I actually met him at Pax West just a couple of weeks ago he said he was making some new stuff.

I dunno if he’s actually making a new one of them but he did say he was like working on more games, so I’m really glad that these guys are still making stuff still making games still getting in there. Um…A lot of people write off these types of games but I mean you make whatever you want to make, I-I wouldn’t diminish anybody’s efforts for making a-a flash game like this or anything like that as long as people are creating and people are putting their efforts and their passions into something then I’m really happy about that so so glad that they made more of these games and I hope they make a bajillion fafillion more because I will continue playing them and I’m glad that YouTube has kinda helped these games get a bit more life into them as well and other people have gone off and play them because of that. Oh happy vibes all around.