Jackpot Cashdrops at Paypal Casino

Playing and winning is good but playing games, losing but still ending up with some returns is unbelievable. Well, this is possible at some online casinos which believe in giving back to players irrespective of a win or a loss.

Paypal Casino is running a new offer, Jackpot Cashdrops, which gives away a prize even when the player doesn’t win at the game. People get all excited when a Jackpot is hit, but with this new offer players who didn’t win the Jackpot also might have a chance of winning some cash prizes.

The casino plans to distribute £1,000 into ten randomly selected accounts playing in a week when a Jackpot of £50,000 or more is won on Paypal Casino. Players get to win even without landing the jackpot as the casino will give away prizes to ten lucky players provided they have been playing in the same week that the jackpot was won.

Players have to simply play their favourite progressive jackpot slot game to qualify for this offer. Those who played the same slot game in the same week as the jackpot is won will have a better chance of being one of the ten lucky winners who end up with £100 bonus each. They will have a day to spend all their bonus funds on games of their choice.

April is special with Paypal Casino offering 20% Cashback to players. The cashback can be earned over the Cashback weekend from Saturday 25th to Sunday 26thApril. Players can opt in from Thursday 16th April by entering the promo code ‘April’. They will then be eligible for 20% cashback on net losses over the Cashback weekend which will be credited to their accounts within 48 hours.

Paypal Casino offers a £5 bonus to players who opt for the ‘Re-tweet to Win’ offer. Players can qualify for this free £5 by following Paypal Casino on Twitter, try and find a tweet from @paypalcasino which starts with ‘RT to win ….’ and re-tweet it on their own Twitter page. The casino will randomly select winners who will each receive a £5 free casino bonus.