Esports school dream come true for Montreal teen


My friends are disappointed I’m leaving the school because they didn’t really understand at first, but I’m going to this school because I want to become a professional. I want to fill in the gaps of the competitive side of the gaps because at home I don’t get that competitive feeling. I play with friends in ranked. So I try to get better but my friends only want to play the game because it’s a fun game but not because they want to get good at it.The training here at the academy is broken down in three different steps.

There’s going to be mechanical training. In other words, being in front of a computer screen. We’re going to have theoretical theory, and we’re going to have physical activity. Why theory and physical activity? Because they’re main components of getting better and knowing why you’re getting better. When it comes to video games, the skills that we asset are not mechanical.

It’s all about passion and personality. I want to be a programmer. Yeah. That’s my goals.

I’ve heard of, like, pro players in general, like example Peanut is a pro player and he has the biggest pay in all of the Junglers in League of Legends. He’s paid like $390,000 a year for just one season. So I think it’s a– it’s a great source of income if I can become good at the game especially.  I play every night, so as much as I can. So I have improv, and basketball, and badminton so I can’t play every night.

So sometimes I arrive a little later at home. But on days I have nothing, I play 4:30 ’til 11:00/11:30. I don’t see any downside of playing that many video games.

I’ve played them my whole life, since I was– since I was five. And I still managed to fit in basketball and badminton and improv, and I’m not addicted to my computer. I can get off at any time and go spend time with my family.

For me it’s like having your kid going through hockey, or you know like it– it’s a lot of time it’s a lot of investment, it’s a lot of money, but it’s the kid’s passion. And I think that if you want to be a good parent and you want to push your children and motivate them to become responsible adults, you have to push them through their passion.  When I was just beginning, I’d get mad as soon as I died and I get really really mad, like instantly and start raging. But with this program I’ve learned to, like, calm down, understand what I’ve done wrong, and how to be more efficient with my gaming.